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Neon-Flex series-4 XL

Neon-Flex evolved from decorative lighting into functional lighting with over a 1000 Lumen per meter. This makes Neon-Flex a very challenging product for Architects to make extra ordinary designs. LED's are positioned in uplight position instead of side-lite

Neon-Flex 1 series

Neon-Flex is being sold in various qualities. Unfortunately there is a lot of difference between the various types. It might not always be clear what kind of quality you are buying and sometimes inferior qualities are being sold as the high-end quality. Ledpro only sells top quality product, Grade A and the Pro series. In both White, Warm White, RGB and varios colours.

Ceiling lights. Build/in and surface mounted

We offer a variety of LED ceiling lights. Some are Ultra Thin, only 14mm or 18mm high and easy to build in. Others can replace existing Retrofit without any complicated construction. This how efficient and simple LED has become. VARIOUS PRODUCTS ALSO AVAILABLE WITH EMERGENCY POWER BACKUP!


LED Downlights come in many varieties. Spots which produce a direct beam, spotlights that give a very evenly illuminated image, adjustable spotlights, spotlights in different colors, dimmable, indoor and outdoor use and many other possibilities.

Indoor and Design

Next to the replacement of many existing lamps more and more products are being developed with LED inside with differnt forms and shapes. Forms that are for traditional lighting difficult to achieve. Although this is still in its infancy there are already some fine examples. This trend will certainly continue in the coming years.

LED retrofit substitute

For almost every type of lamp is a LED substitute. Even for the already very economical PLC lamp an even more efficient LED lamp exist. LED lamps can be switched on and off indefinitely without adversely affecting the service life. This in contrary to traditional lamps, fluorescent tubes and PL lamps where switching many times very strongly shortens its lifespan.

All our LED lamps are being sold directly ex-works of our Asain office.

GU10 - 3x1  MR16 A60P08 SL-PAR38B09-2BW

 cob mr16 spotlight ring2

LED lamps

Although fluorescent tubes originate as an energy-efficient product, even in this field a more economical and highly durable product a the LED tube outclasses the fluorescent tube. Based on the most modern SMD technology, it is now possible to achieve more then 50% energy savings. And without any adjustment necessary to the unit and with a CosPhi of 0.99! Optimum efficiency. Do you know that there are dimmable LED tubes as well?

Object Lighting

The lighting of buildings, structures, walls and objects often requires a good knowledge of both lighting products as well as the illuminated object. Is there a need for a continuous light image or more the right accent lighting. Do we use broad or narrow beams and will it be a 1W or 3W LEDs. What is the effect on the environment and what is the position of the fixture towards the object or building. These and other questions must first be answered in order to give good advice. First the idea, then the right product.

Warehouses, Shops, Showroom and Greenhouses

At places where a lot of lighting is used, both as because of the wattage of luminaires as well as quantity of those lumiaires used, there is a lot of possible saving with LED lighting. Replacing traditional 400W units into 60W LED units creates a huge saving. Both financially as well as environmentally this is a step forward.

Street and safety Lighting

Ledpro offers a wide range of state-of-the-art Streetlights. Due to the high efficiency of our Lamps combined with many features like Light sensors, Time controllers, Dimming etc. The low energy consumption compared to traditional parking and streetlights make it an interesting option for renovation or newly build areas.

House and property

Around house and property often many dark spots can be found which for cost reasons are not lit. A simple 3W luminaire already brings you however more than enough light for the day to extend and increase the feeling of safety. Already 3 or 4 Lamps turn the garden beautifully illuminated or will light the driveway sufficiently.

RGB en Mood products

RGB color products come in many shapes and sizes. They are mainly used in interior and exterior as a decorative product. The big difference with Neon-Flex is the somewhat more substantial scale and expanded opportunities for control. Multi Color to loop effects. It is all possible with the RGB products and often with a standard controller.

Controller and Power

Many of the RGB products and even some of the white light products are controllable by means of a controller. These come in many varieties, from simple to extensive. From one-button control to color maps. Make sure you get the right advice. See what you need and take no more than that. For the true fanatic user, there are also extensive DMX programs that allow you to control the lights.


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